Different Types of Cranes Commonly Used in Construction

Construction is a process that involves various steps, which requires essential equipment to conclude the entire project successfully. One such piece of equipment is a crane. A crane is a sort of heavy equipment used to lift, move or lower heavy construction material with the help of lifters and towlines. Despite the use of the same moving, lifting and lowering principle, these cranes come in different types. The commonly used types of cranes in construction include: [Read More]

Ideas For A Creative Tile Splashback

When renovating your kitchen, a new splashback will go a long way towards creating an engaging room that you and your friends and family will enjoy spending time in. Classic tiles are always beautiful, but here are some ways to make your tile splashback truly memorable so it will stand out from the pack, and you can even try to DIY these designs. Vary The Shapes While many splashbacks feature square or rectangular tiles, you can opt for something different. [Read More]

Why Glass Splashbacks Are Good for Your Kitchen

Stains on kitchen surfaces can be gross to look at, mainly because what you eat comes from your kitchen. Tiles are notoriously hard to clean, especially at the joints. You have to use detergents, hot water and lots of effort. That's where glass splashbacks come in. Glass splashbacks are very popular for kitchens. Many people order and have glass splashbacks installed. It turns out that there are many benefits to using them in your kitchen. [Read More]

Commercial Waterproofing: Protecting Your Structure from Water Damage

Commercial structures are built to withstand adverse conditions. However, they are no invulnerable to damage from harsh weather conditions. In simple terms, if the building is exposed to floods which can come as a result of torrential rain or storms, deterioration could occur. The water could seep into the lower structure of the building and seep through the slabs. As a result, the structural integrity of the building will be compromised. [Read More]