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A Guide on Engineered Oak Flooring

A home is not only a place for your family to live, but it's also one of the biggest investments you will make. If you have an upcoming home improvement or construction project, one of your primary concerns will be the floor. The article below discusses engineered oak flooring and why it is one of the best floors to install in your home or office. 

What is Engineered Oak Flooring? 

These are floors made from thin planks of hardwood. The planks consist the wood's top layer to ensure customers get the look and feel of a traditional hardwood floor. Although they are thin, they are durable since a single plank is bound to several pieces of high-quality plywood. 

What Are the Benefits of Engineered Oak Floors? 

Below are some benefits of engineered oak floors. 

  1. They are thin; hence, you do not have to worry about a raised floor that could prevent doors from opening and closing.
  2. They come in various colours.
  3. The floors have greater stability compared to solid wood. They do not warp; hence, you can install them in areas with underfloor heating or humid areas such as the basement. 
  4. Their fine finishing makes them blend well with other types of floor finishes. For instance, people on a budget may install an engineered oak floor in their living room and ceramic tiles or laminate in other areas. 

Installing an Engineered Oak Floor

If you would like to install an engineered oak floor in your home, your first task would be to find a qualified installer. The professional will calculate the number of planks needed to floor your home. He or she should also quote the required materials and how much he or she will charge to install the floor. 

Engineered oak floors should be purchased from reputable manufacturers. Deal with a company that has a history of producing high-quality, durable products with a guarantee. Do not be afraid to mix a few colours. For example, you could mix oak and maple floors. 

Maintaining an Engineered Oak Floor

Keep your floor clean. However, you may want to avoid regular sanding since the thin upper layer may wear out. If you must sand the floor, sand it lightly. Minimise UV damage to your engineered floor by installing awnings, blinds and UV films on your windows.

Engineered oak flooring will give your home an exquisite finish. Conduct some research to know the various types of engineered floors and qualified installers in your locality.