Using a Contractor to Improve Your Home

Will you need to consider foundation boring?

If you are building a home, then you can't afford to get the foundations of the property wrong. Starting with the right foundations will allow you to create a stable home that will last for many years. If you don't create a strong foundation, then you could find that within a few years, your property will begin to suffer from subsidence as the ground is unable to evenly bear the weight of the building and it begins to pull apart.

What determines the nature of the foundations for my building?

The foundations for your new property will be designed by your chosen engineer and will take into account a range of factors, but in particular, the engineer will need to pay attention to the proposed weight of the building and the type of soil where it will be built. To identify the nature of the soil, your engineer will need to take a number of soil samples and get them professionally analysed to determine their load-bearing capacity. Once the soil has been properly classified, the engineer will be able to work out how deep the foundation will need to be and what type of concrete and steel will be needed.

Locating natural ground

To avoid your new foundation developing problems, it is important that it is built on 'natural', undisturbed ground. For previously untouched sites this is rarely a problem, but on areas where landfill has taken place or where the soil is particularly poor, it can be necessary to bore through the ground until the natural ground is reached. Foundation boring is a common practice in Australia, and you will need to investigate which foundation boring company is the best fit for your particular project.

How does foundation boring help?

By boring a hole through the poor soil and into the natural ground, a hole is created into which a bored pile can be placed. These piles transfer the load on to stable layers of soil and rock, which are able to bear the weight of the property. You will need to find a qualified team to oversee the foundation boring and the placement of the piles into the soil. Ask them about the nature of their experience in foundation boring and the type of equipment they have available to complete the job. Your engineer should be able to advise you on exactly what is needed and only agree to proceed when you are confident that you have found the right company to carry out the foundation boring in a timely and safe fashion.