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Different Types of Cranes Commonly Used in Construction

Construction is a process that involves various steps, which requires essential equipment to conclude the entire project successfully. One such piece of equipment is a crane. A crane is a sort of heavy equipment used to lift, move or lower heavy construction material with the help of lifters and towlines. Despite the use of the same moving, lifting and lowering principle, these cranes come in different types. The commonly used types of cranes in construction include:

Mobile Cranes

In any building construction site, mobile cranes are the most popular types of cranes due to their adaptability and ordinary nature. These types of cranes are made of a telescopic boom that is fixed to a mobile platform. These acts as the crane's wheel, cat truck or rail. The one difficulty every construction site faces is trying to hoist materials near enough to the location workers require them.

The adaptability and standard nature of mobile cranes enable you to hoist the construction materials and position them appropriately without disrupting the crane's footprint. A crane's footprint is simply the strategic positioning of a crane that allows it to hoist materials in the right place.

Rough Terrain Crane

When it comes to off-road constructions, then a rough terrain crane is an excellent choice. A rough terrain crane is a type of crane that comes attached to four rubber tires. The stability and levelling of this crane depend on its outriggers, and they extend straight and upright. It only contains one engine that is used to power both the crane and its undercarriage. Because of its levelling and stability, this makes it an excellent choice for off-road constructions. 

Floating Crane

When people think of cranes, this is probably the type of crane that comes to mind. Unlike other cranes, this type of crane is used during offshore construction. People who work on offshore construction sites also refer to it as a floating crane. The reason for this is because this type of crane is fixed and appears to float above water, making it easy to deliver materials to workers in a particular location.

Tower Crane

This type of crane is used during the construction of tall buildings. It is quite common in such construction sites, as it gives an excellent combination of lifting capacity and height when it comes to delivering materials to a particular construction level. Like any other crane, the tower crane has height limitations, and it is always essential to attach it using large bolts to keep it from swaying or tipping. 

Operating a crane is not easy and cheap. This makes crane services essential. Rather than buying a new crane, you can opt to look for cranes for hire using different available crane services. To learn more, contact a company like Davo's Crane Hire.