A Brief Guide to Underpinning Foundations of Commercial Buildings

Underpinning is a process of increasing the load-bearing capacity of a building's foundation to a deeper elevation, especially a bedrock. Underpinning is used in various situations, such as when the stability of a settled structure is in question. How does it work? A contractor excavates a side of a building to expose the foundation. First, the equipment (for example, pier bracket) is attached to a foundation for support. A contractor then inserts piles into a foundation using the reciprocal load of a building until the piles lie on the bedrock. [Read More]

4 Common Design Mistakes to Avoid During Freezer Room Construction

As the frozen foods market continues to grow, most foods are being stored in cold storage. Cold storage is also beneficial to industries such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and high-tech electronics. That has led to the continued need for cold storage.  As a business owner, you wish to find ways to reduce freezer room construction costs. When doing that, you will likely end up making some costly errors. Here are some mistakes to avoid when designing your freezer room. [Read More]

The Tangential Benefits Of Cladding Systems

Cladding systems are a popular way to keep your external walls clean and protected from the elements which makes them extremely valuable in a country with a harsh environment like Australia. However, that is not the only benefit that you can get from your cladding systems even though that alone would likely be worth the cost of installation. If you are trying to decide whether or not you can afford to put the money upfront to install a cladding system here are a few extra incentives that you may not have considered. [Read More]

Top Motorist Practices that Lead to Gearbox Damage and Repairs

The gearbox is one of the essential systems in an automobile. The primary function is to provide various transmission ratios that allow the engine's speed to be adapted to varying driving situations. Therefore, it is important to keep the gearbox in good condition for extended service life. However, certain practices among drivers often lead to gearbox damage and the need for prompt repairs. Unfortunately, some motorists are not aware of these practices until it is too late to conduct gearbox repairs. [Read More]