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Top 4 Money-Saving Tips for Land Surveys

Land surveys are necessary for many reasons. Whether you are buying property or looking to develop your current one, land surveys may come in handy in many ways. First, land surveys will help you identify your property's precise boundaries and the location of utilities and easements. In addition, land surveys will help you know whether your property is a floodplain and the location of improvements, structures, additions and geographical features that may affect your land's use. However, it's imperative to understand land survey costs before the project begins for your budgeting purposes. Generally, you will rarely find a flat rate because land survey costs depend on several factors like the size of your land, location, the existence of previous survey reports, access to your property etc. Nonetheless, here are some practical tips to save money on your next land survey project.

Understand The Type Of Survey You Need

Land surveys come in several different forms. Levelling surveys, topographic surveys, boundary surveys, drone mapping etc., are some of the standard types of land surveys. Generally, each type of land survey has unique requirements, and some surveys may demand more than others. Therefore, it would help to understand your needs to ensure you don't request a survey you don't need and end up spending more. For instance, a complete topographic survey of your whole property is likely to cost you more than a property boundary survey. Therefore, know what you need and be clear about it to your land surveyor.

Make Your Property Easily Accessible

Accessibility is another critical component that can affect your land survey costs. Generally, land surveyors will charge you more for a property that isn't easily accessible. Therefore, identify and remove any obstacles that could make it harder for the land surveyors to do their job. This could be as simple as clearing excess vegetation that may hinder the surveyors' visibility or make setting up their equipment harder.

Choose A Local Surveyor

Most land surveyors will charge you for location and travel time. Therefore, the farther you are, the costlier the quote may be. That means you may be better off hiring a land surveyor within your geographical area to save on the location and travel time costs.

Engage Your Neighbours Beforehand

It may also help to speak to your neighbours early enough to inform them of your project. That's particularly critical if you are conducting a boundary survey. You don't want your neighbours stopping your land surveyor to get details on what's going on, as this may slow down the process, resulting in delays and higher quotes. Informing your neighbours early may also help if they want to have their property boundaries marked as they may be willing to share the costs.

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