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Key Points to Know about Drainage Excavation for Your Business

Commercial businesses can have several issues when it comes to drainage. You may have a drainage system that was put in place years before. You can also have a drainage system that is no longer suitable for your building or property size. When an issue with your drainage occurs, you may find yourself facing drainage excavation as your option.

Here are some key points to know about drainage excavation and your property.  

Drainage System 

One of the key points that can affect the type of excavation you need is the type of drainage system you already have. In some cases, you may find the drainage system you currently have is no longer suitable for your location or your commercial property. If the system is no longer viable for your property, an entirely new drainage system needs to be placed. This starts with the excavation of both the old drainage system and the excavation for the new drainage path. Your excavation contractor will discuss this with you and determine the best route for the new or upgraded drainage system. 

French Drain Installation

You may consider having French drains installed following excavation. A French drain has two parts. The first part is at ground level. This is the drainage grid. The second part of the drain system is below the ground-level grid. This second part deals with the underground plumbing that carries away the water as it flows into the grid and below to the drainage area. If this type of system is an option, the excavation crew will need to dig the areas for the pipes to be placed. They will also need to go with a plan that allows for proper and complete flow away from the property without hurting the drainage of surrounding properties. 

Full Drainage Excavation 

If your property is older, you may have an issue that involves several drainage systems. For example, the previous drainage systems may be capped off. This capping off of the plumbing occurs when a new system is placed. Sometimes new pipes are placed or others are rerouted. This can cause severe issues over time. If this is the situation you are in, your excavation team may need to do a full excavation in order to access the plumbing systems that are in place. Your plumbing team will remove the current plumbing and place new plumbing for the drainage. 

If you are having drainage issues, contact your area plumbing excavation or excavation team. They will inspect the area and determine the best way to move forward. Once the inspection is finished, they will give you your options for fixing the drainage issues. From this point, you will choose the option you want to go with and excavation can begin.