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Does Your Driveway Need a Respray?

Have you looked at the state of your driveway recently? It may only be a few years since you had your driveway resurfaced, but perhaps it is already showing signs of wear. It doesn't take long for a few bumps to start appearing, eventually leading to potholes. What can make the driveway deteriorate much faster than it otherwise would is when the driveway spray sealing has been compromised, allowing water and general wear and tear to damage the surface. If you want to protect your new driveway, read on to learn more about getting a driveway spray sealing.

1. An important protective layer

When you look at a road, the most visible feature will be the asphalt road surface, but what you may not realize is that there is another layer sprayed on top of the road surface. This additional layer adds a vital component to the road. A properly built road must embody multiple characteristics. You should expect the road to be strong so that it can withstand the expected flow of traffic. The road surface must also be safe for everyone who will use it. You don't want cars and pedestrians slipping or skidding as soon as the weather turns wet or icy. In addition to that, the road must be long-lasting and water-resistant not susceptible to damage from rain or the environment. Driveway spray sealing provides that necessary protective layer.

2. What does driveway spray sealing involve?

When you call a driveway spray sealing company, they will start by covering the surface of your driveway with a bitumen binder and covering that with aggregate. The aggregate creates a top surface that is both skid-resistant and waterproof while remaining strong enough to withstand regular traffic. Driveway spray sealing is needed when the road surface is first installed, but it can also be valuable to repeat it at regular intervals. The resprays ensure that the surface remains intact and nothing can get through it and damage the road below. If the spray seal becomes broken, the road below will soon become damaged, and your maintenance costs will increase significantly.

3. Mixing your spray

Before commencing spraying operations, it can be helpful to speak to the driveway spray sealing company and discussing your requirements. It may be possible to adjust the sealing mixture used to closely match your circumstances. If you want a particular slip-free surface or something that can accommodate heavy traffic loads, the driveway spray sealing company should accommodate your needs.