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Why Fit Skylights In New-Build Projects?

There are many good reasons to fit skylight windows in both new-build homes and extensions. They offer an affordable way of getting light into a property just where it is needed without people being able to easily see inside your home. Of course, you could always design your new-build with additional picture windows or put in glazed doorways instead. However, the addition of a skylight or two will have a much greater impact. Why should you consider them when designing your dream home or renovation project?

Multi-Purpose Windows

Your builders can fit skylight windows into all sorts of architectural designs and they will still be in keeping. Both modern structures as well as traditional ones are suited to them. What's more, you can fit them in flat roofs and pitched ones. So, if you are turning an upper storey into a games room or want an attic room to serve as a bedroom, then you can get light into it even if you are dealing with the eaves of a pitched roof. Equally, flat roofs will benefit from skylights without compromising on the structural integrity of the building. What's more, they come with a variety of framing materials, so you can have them fit in with the look of your project's other glazing products exactly.

More Sunlight

One of the key features of a window that faces up into the roofline of a structure is that it will necessarily receive more light. Even if you have a south-facing property, more light will get into your new-build if the windows face upwards towards the sky. This is down to the simple fact that the sun will be above the roofline of any building for at least a proportion of the day even during the winter months.

Lower Energy Costs

Most skylight window manufacturers make very high-quality products these days in terms of their thermal insulation. Your builders will not have to worry about the heat losses associated with a section of glazing in the roofline if they obtain double-glazed skylights with a decent frame. In the summer, skylights will also allow you to let any hot air inside your home to escape rapidly. Warm air rises naturally, so the best place for such ventilation is above your head, exactly where skylights are installed, of course. In turn, this will mean lower energy usage in the summer because you won't require your air-conditioning to be turned on so often.

For more information on skylight windows, reach out to a local window contractor.