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4 Common Design Mistakes to Avoid During Freezer Room Construction

As the frozen foods market continues to grow, most foods are being stored in cold storage. Cold storage is also beneficial to industries such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and high-tech electronics. That has led to the continued need for cold storage. 

As a business owner, you wish to find ways to reduce freezer room construction costs. When doing that, you will likely end up making some costly errors. Here are some mistakes to avoid when designing your freezer room.

Failing To Do Your Research

You should do some research before deciding on the company you will hire. Take your time to find out more details about a particular firm. A reputable freezer room builder should not have trouble showing you examples of similar projects they have handled. These companies will also give you details of their past clients for references. 

The freezer room construction company you choose needs to have a good reputation. They should also have been successful in dealing with similar projects.

Deciding To Scrimp On Vital Elements

You should never scrimp when choosing the thickness of your panels. That also applies when selecting equipment loads. A qualified cold room estimator will ask a series of questions to ensure you make the right choice. 

The type and volume of product you plan to store are considerations you need to make. You should also factor in the temperature of the products before getting into the freezer room. Additionally, think about the time frame required to achieve the desired temperature. All these considerations ensure you choose the ideal panel thickness.

Choosing the Wrong Location

A vital element that determines the effectiveness of your cold storage room is its location. Refrigeration condensing systems need proper ventilation to run effectively. Freezer rooms built in small roof voids that lack mechanical airflow will not be effective. That will make the condenser break down after a short while. Also, you will incur high running costs. 

The best place to build your freezer room is outside. Its position should be away from other sources producing heat. 

Failing to Check the Noise Produced

Finally, you should analyse how much noise the freezer room will produce. Some motors produce a loud deafening noise. The sound can be a distraction to workers, and a nuisance to the clients. Therefore, you should analyse the noise level of the motor. That will help you build a freezer room with minimal noise. An expert firm can help you choose the least noisy engine.