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Top Motorist Practices that Lead to Gearbox Damage and Repairs

The gearbox is one of the essential systems in an automobile. The primary function is to provide various transmission ratios that allow the engine's speed to be adapted to varying driving situations. Therefore, it is important to keep the gearbox in good condition for extended service life. However, certain practices among drivers often lead to gearbox damage and the need for prompt repairs. Unfortunately, some motorists are not aware of these practices until it is too late to conduct gearbox repairs. This article highlights key gearbox practices that will call for transmission repairs if sustained over a long time.

Gear Shifting Laziness -- Speed fluctuation between gears is a common occurrence on many roads for motorists. For instance, on a typical commuter route, it is common for the average motorists to feel on edge between the 3rd and 4th gear. Unfortunately, most drivers do not bother to shift between these gears as and when required. However, leaving the gear on third when the engine demands that you shift it to the fourth gear will only lead to a suboptimal driving experience. Over time, such ignorance will work against the gearbox by causing significant damage to the gear teeth. If you sustain this practice, then you will have no option but to present your car for gearbox repairs.

Driving Down a Slope in Neutral -- The price of gas is indeed high; therefore, most motorists will try any trick in the book to minimize their vehicle's fuel consumption. A trick that is popular among drivers is driving down a slope in neutral to save fuel. While you may achieve the goal, this practice only drives your gearbox closer to the auto-service shop. The reason is that driving on neutral cuts the oil supply to the transmission, thereby depriving it of the necessary lubrication. This leads to significant wear and damage to the gearbox system. If you have been doing this for as long as you can remember, then it might be time that you booked an appointment with your mechanic because the chances are high that the gearbox needs immediate repairs.

Improper Launch Control -- Cars with automatic transmissions come with a launch control feature that is adored by motorists that love racing. In manual cars, however, drivers have to launch the control manually. The launch control feature often proves tricky for most drivers new to automatic transmissions. Instead of keeping the car in drive as they build revs and prepare to launch, most motorists' first instinct is to build up the revs in neutral then switch to drive when launching. The practice harms the engine and the gearbox, and if you have been doing so for several months, then there is no doubt your vehicle needs transmission repairs.