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Variables That Will Have An Impact On The Cost Of Scaffolding Hire

Scaffolding systems are a must-have if your project will require access to various heights. And with the array of different systems to choose from, you are assured that you will find scaffolding to suit your project's specific requirements. However, a concern that people have when looking to hire scaffolding is how much this system will cost their project. The reality is that the reis not set figure that will guide your choice on what scaffolding system will be best suited to your budget. Instead, several factors will influence the overall cost of your scaffolding hire. Hence, it is important to familiarise yourself with these factors so that you can have a realistic estimate of what your budget should be. Below are just four of the variables that will have an impact on the cost of scaffold hire.

Hire period

The first factor that will have a direct influence on how much you will pay for scaffolding hire is the duration you want the system for. Overall, it is much more affordable to lease a scaffolding system for a short-term project rather than the long term. For instance, if you are planning on engaging in a project that will last for a couple of months, then scaffolding hire will be an affordable expense. On the other hand, if you are venturing into the construction industry, it is best to buy a scaffolding system for your upcoming projects rather than keep hiring one for short intervals over a prolonged period. 


The second variable that will come into play when opting for scaffolding hire is how accessible the site is. If the scaffolding system will be easy to erect since it is being established on flat ground with ample space all around, then installing the scaffolding will not be an arduous task. Alternately, if site access is limited due to one reason or another, then it is likely that you will pay more for scaffolding hire. A few of the things that could impede access include setting up between buildings, minimal floor space, rough terrain and so on.

Impeding public access

The third factor that could inflate the cost of scaffolding high is if erecting this system will end up impeding public access. In some cases, you may have to erect the scaffolding on a public road, and this, in turn, means traffic will be impeded for the duration of your project. In this scenario, permits from your local council are mandatory, and these have to be paid for.