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Ideas For A Creative Tile Splashback

When renovating your kitchen, a new splashback will go a long way towards creating an engaging room that you and your friends and family will enjoy spending time in. Classic tiles are always beautiful, but here are some ways to make your tile splashback truly memorable so it will stand out from the pack, and you can even try to DIY these designs.

Vary The Shapes

While many splashbacks feature square or rectangular tiles, you can opt for something different. Why not create a distinctive look by fitting together differently shaped tiles, like diamond and triangular ones, for example? Sticking with the one colour throughout will help unify the area and create a smart, modern look. Usually, more customised designs cost extra, but this way, your imagination is adding value.

Insert Accent Tiles

More exclusive decorative or patterned tiles can add up if used for an entire splashback, eating up a big chunk of the renovation budget for DIY kitchens. To create a beautiful and affordable splashback, though, use these decorative pieces as accents. By positioning these decorative tiles at regular intervals among solid tiles, they will stand out as gorgeous feature tiles. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, and the beauty of a tile can become invisible in an entire wall of them. This helps you avoid that problem.

Mix An Assortment

To create a personalised splashback that is one of a kind, mix diverse tiles and textures for a mosaic effect. In this way, you can create a work of art on your kitchen wall. Combine different colours for a unique effect. Tiles come in many different materials besides ceramic; you could weave glass and metal tiles into the pattern. The result can be as loud or as subtle as you wish; it's your choice. 

Add Dimension

You might decide to invest in a splashback that will add contours and texture to your kitchen. Dimensional tiles, with wave and honeycomb patterns, for example, emphasise light and shadow, creating fun unique designs. These distinctive tiles inject an organic feel, filled with warmth and charm because of the tactile nature of their form.

Extend The Area

Many splashbacks reach across a limited area. To elongate and streamline the kitchen, extend it further around the room. For walls without cabinetry or countertops, decide on the optimal height, and continue that horizontal line across the area. Around upper cabinets or other elements, the tiles can go higher and maintain a unified look, particularly if those items are on a different wall. The visual flow and connection created by the tiling will draw your eye around the space. 

For more information, reach out to a business that can help you design a DIY kitchen.