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5 Ways That Built-In Wardrobes Benefit Your Mental Health

Your wardrobe is one of the most important areas of your home. If your wardrobe is in order, your life as a whole is much simpler. That's why it's important to stay organised.

However, even the most organised freestanding wardrobes come with limitations that could affect the quality of your life. By replacing your freestanding wardrobe with a built-in one, you gain several advantages that will eventually help to improve your mental health.

1. More Space in Your Room

One of the biggest issues with freestanding wardrobes is the amount of space they take up. Because freestanding wardrobes are not designed specifically for the areas they are to be placed in, they tend to take up a lot of space. As a result, it becomes more difficult to move around your bedroom or add other elements of furniture.

Built-in wardrobes, on the other hand, can be integrated into the design of a bedroom to conserve space and make moving around much easier. Nobody likes to live in cramped conditions. Investing in a built-in wardrobe will save you space and time.

2. Less Clutter to Sift Through

According to Psychology Today, clutter stresses you out and leaves you feeling unable to relax. Freestanding wardrobes are not designed for your specific needs, which means they can become cluttered and untidy.

However, built-in wardrobes can be built to your specifications. For instance, if you own a lot of footwear, you can opt to include a large area devoted only to your footwear. You can also create separate sections if you are sharing your wardrobe with a partner. The less clutter you have to sift through, the clearer your mind will be.  

3. Customisable to Match Your Home's Design

Many homes include freestanding wardrobes that don't really complement the interior design. Subsequently, your wardrobe might end up standing out like a sore thumb, detracting attention away from the other design elements in your home.

By replacing your freestanding wardrobe with a built-in wardrobe, however, you can choose a style and shape that blends in with your home's existing interior design. As a result, your home will feel more balanced and you'll no longer feel like you are stepping around your wardrobe as you navigate the room.  

4. Additional Lighting Options

Lighting is also important when it comes to mental health. For example, if your partner goes to work later than you do, they might not appreciate you turning on the overhead lights. Doing so may wake them up and deprive them of sleep.

Your room's lighting may also be insufficient to light up the interior of your wardrobe, making it difficult to see what you are looking for.

Fortunately, walk-in wardrobes can be fitted with lights. By placing lighting in strategic places in your wardrobe, you'll have enough light to find what you need without turning on the main light. You'll also make less noise as a result, ensuring that your morning routine doesn't wake your partner up.

5. Less Time Spent Getting Ready

If your wardrobe is too small or its design too awkward, getting ready each morning will become a stressful endeavour that you can do without. Think of all those minutes you have wasted fumbling around in your freestanding wardrobe, as you get ready for work each morning.  

By installing a built-in wardrobe in your bedroom instead, you can ensure that it is designed specifically for your needs, as well as your daily routine. In turn, this will reduce the time you spend getting ready for work each morning and will make those Monday mornings much easier to cope with.

Is your freestanding wardrobe stressing you out? Think about replacing it with a built-in wardrobe instead.