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3 Top Reasons to Adopt Micropile Technology in your Foundation Repair Business

If you are new to the foundation repair industry, it is essential to know that technology continues to set contractors apart. Typically, foundation repair contractors that can keep up with the latest developments in the niche are guaranteed growth in customer base. One such knowhow that has taken the foundation repair business by storm over the past few years is the micropile technology. Although the expertise has been utilised in foundation underpinning for some time, the unique capabilities of micropiles have made the technology a much better option compared to traditional foundation underpinning techniques. This article explores some of the capabilities that have increased the demand for micropile technology in foundation repair.

Minimum Vibration -- As housing costs continue to go up, many Australians are opting to renovate their homes or buy old houses. It is an excellent market for your business since most old homes require foundation repairs. That said, there are instances whereby only a small section of the foundation needs repair, and this is where micropiles come in handy. Since drilling micropile boreholes produce minimum vibrations, the technology prevents disturbance of the entire foundation or adjacent structures. It is especially important if a homeowner wants to preserve the vintage look of a house.

Ease of Installation -- Most Australians are converting their basements to become occupant-friendly in an attempt to increase the number of rooms. Since such renovation requires lowering of the foundation, underpinning is necessary to protect the house during the repair process. However, given the low headroom in most basements, it is challenging to install conventional piling systems for foundation underpinning. With micropiles however, it is easy to increase the pile length in segments. Additionally, tools that are used to drill and install the piles are compact and lightweight, which makes them ideal for lowering a basement's floor.

Ease of Access -- The demand for apartments and houses has skyrocketed with the population growth in major Australian cities. The growth has prompted local governments in towns such as Melbourne, Camden, and Serpentine Jarrahdale to increase investment in street renovations. However, foundation underpinning has become a problem due to accessibility issues and congestion in cities and residential areas. The proximity of houses does not allow room for underpinning efforts using conventional piling methods. Notably, the micropiles technology can quickly get around accessibility challenges in tight foundation spaces. The reason is that micropiles can be installed as close to the walls as possible using adaptive drilling equipment.