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Reasons to Install a Floating Dock on Your Commercial Property

If you have recently purchased a seafront commercial property, you may be wondering how best to develop the site for maximum use. And if you plan on running a business that will accommodate customers, such as a restaurant or a bar, an excellent inclusion will be a dock. However, choosing the right dock can be tricky if you have never had any experience with this type of construction before. While there is a myriad of dock options to select from, one category that poses a host of benefits is a floating dock. The piece below highlights a few of the reasons why you should hire commercial marine contractors to install a floating dock on your property.

A floating dock is affordable

Floating docks are characterised by their basic style. The simplicity of their design accords you numerous benefits in regards to their installation. The first option that you could choose is the pre-fabricated variety. All you will be required to do is purchase the fully assembled dock and then your commercial marine contractors will install it for you. Alternatively, you could opt for on-site construction, which is quite easy since the dock is not complicated to assemble. Overall, as long as you have acquired the right building permits from your local council, you can proceed to enlist the services of commercial marine contractors who will have the specialised equipment for dock assembly.

A floating dock is hassle-free to maintain

When most people think of docks, they tend to envision structure made from timber. But this is not the only supply that you can consider. If your dock is going to be exposed to heavy traffic, chances are you will want its maintenance to be as simple as possible. Commercial marine contractors can construct your dock with polyethylene, which is both durable and affordable. Furthermore, the polyethylene does not need any finishing in the form of staining or painting, so you do not have to keep retouching it, as you would have to with a timber dock. In addition to simple cleaning using soap and water, the polyethylene dock will be resistant to water damage, unlike its timber counterparts that will require constant protection!

A floating dock is versatile and convenient

If you have a considerable amount of seafront property but do not want to have a large dock, you could always opt for the modular variety. These types of floating docks provide commercial property owners with the versatility of expanding or scaling down their floating dock, as they desire too. For instance, if you are expecting boats of different sizes on your premises, you could always reconfigure the slip to accommodate these vessels. Hence, you never need to turn away customers based on the size of their boat!