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Grinding your concrete floor: Do it yourself or hire a professional?

When you want to grind your concrete floor for polishing, you have the option of doing it yourself, or hiring professionals. However, before making the decision on which direction to take, you need to be fully informed about what each option entails. You need to be fully aware of both their advantages and disadvantages. This article highlights all the pros and cons of grinding your floor by yourself or hiring professionals to do it for you.

Grinding your floor by yourself

The pros

  • Grinding your floor on your own will save you the money you would have spent on paying contractors.
  • Since you are doing it by yourself, you will have the ample time to ensure that the results are to your maximum satisfaction.

The cons 

  • Buying the grinding equipment, usually the concrete grinder will cost you a lot of money. It is advisable that you consider hiring the machine instead of buying.
  • The concrete grinders use a lot of power that sometimes, the domestic power of your house cannot sustain the machines. As such, you will need to have an electrician assist you or hire a powerful generator. Therefore, you will still need to incur a little extra cost.
  • When grinding a large area of your concrete floor, the small grinders will not be able to yield the results you intend to get. This is because large concrete grinders are the best for large areas. Unfortunately, you need a bit of technical know-how to operate such machines. This means that if you have to use a small grinder, be ready to spend too much time on it, or contend with unsatisfactory results.
  • Because of the dust that grinding your concrete floor will generate, you will need to manually prevent the dust by either pouring water or attaching a vacuum to the grinder. 

Hiring Professionals

The Pros

  • Most professional concrete grinding contractors will have top-notch machines which will yield excellent results for you. Moreover, they have better ways of managing the dust that is generated by the concrete grinding.
  • The level of technology employed by the contractors ensures that the work is done in a very timely manner without affecting the quality of work done.

The cons

  • The main disadvantage is the cost. Most contractors will cost you between AU$2 and AU$4 per square foot. This translates to about AU$ 21 and AU$43 per square metre. If you have a large area, you will have to part with a lot of money.