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Mining Processes: Understanding the Importance of an Advanced Grade Control Framework

In the traditional setting, grade control processes in the mining industry were directed by an experienced geologist. Today, there are machines and software designed to help in making the procedure more efficient. These types of equipment will provide the contractor with real-time information on the grade while the drilling procedure is going on. The data includes the desired depth and equipment alignments. Unfortunately, not all businesses have adapted this reliable grade control drilling framework. If you are uncertain about changing your setup, consider this brief outline of the potential benefits.

Maximised Ore Extraction

When performing a mining project, the ultimate objective is to obtain good ore and sell for profit. Unfortunately, this process is compromised because of the inefficiency of old grade control procedures. When you establish an advanced framework which allows you to target the ores with more efficiency, you will increase your total production volumes. For example, the grade control technology has been incorporated into some earthmoving equipment. Therefore, the blades and other components can be moved with efficiency to the ores. Also, the extraction through focused guidance will minimise the need for extensive dilution. 

Reconciliation of Predicted and Actual Production

Often, the predicted production volumes from a mining project are not the same or even close to the actual production. This lack of reconciliation between the two figures can be disappointing, and the negative financial consequences can be dire. For instance, if the predicted output is high, the investment can be justified. However, if your company has already invested and the actual volume is low, you will lose your money. When you incorporate advanced grade control drilling processes instead of using traditional inspection and mining, you will minimise the risks. As a result, you will make an accurate decision after sampling and avoid unnecessary losses.

Increased Production Speed

You can increase the production speed of a mining project by incorporating grade control technology into your worksite. This choice will also have a positive impact on the profitability of the processes. In simple terms, with grade control systems, the operators of the equipment can work continuously. Traditional frameworks necessitate breaks so that the grade checker or geologist can inspect the grade before continuing. Significant working time is lost, and the profits decrease. The automation of modern technology minimise the hours used on production and protect the money that would otherwise go into labour.

If you would like to learn more, contact a local grade control drilling contractor.