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Pros and Cons of Adding a Skylight to Your Home

If you are looking for ways to bring more sunshine and light into your home, you might be considering a skylight. There are many advantages to installing a skylight, but there are also some disadvantages to be aware of. Here are some pros and cons of skylights to help you determine whether they're right for your home.

Pro: They Bring in More Natural Light

One of the most popular reasons people get skylights in their home is to bring in more natural light. Perhaps you just don't get enough light from your windows or have vaulted ceilings where you could get the most sunshine by having a window on the ceiling itself. With more natural light in your home, you can reduce your energy costs by not having to keep lights turned on indoors. Think of areas in your home that are a little darker and could benefit from the natural light.

Con: Skylights Have a Risk of Leaking

This is one of the more common drawbacks you should be aware of with skylights. If the insulation around the skylight isn't absolutely perfect, both air and water leaks can form. If there is even a small gap between the skylight and the hole cut out in your ceiling, rain water could easily drip into your home and cause a lot of water damage. Even if water doesn't come inside, leakage of air can cause your energy bills to go up exponentially. Professional installation and a high-quality skylight can help prevent these issues.

Pro: The Hinged Style Offers Ventilation

Another benefit to having a skylight installed in your home is that you also get some natural ventilation. Perhaps the windows in your home aren't providing enough fresh air to circulate in your home and you need something extra. Many skylights have a hinged style where they can be opened in order to let in more fresh air. This can be wonderful on a cool day when you would prefer fresh air to turning on the air conditioner.

Con: They Might Let in Too Much Light

This does happen in some situations, especially during sunny days when you are home during the day. You might think you want as much natural light as possible, but some skylights can cause a little too much light to come in. This not only makes it hotter in your house, but it can cause some pretty bad glares.