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Why an Emergency Locksmith Might Not Need to Change the Locks

When you're locked out of your home, you may expect an emergency locksmith to just pick the locks and let you in; this may be the right choice if you've left your keys in the house or know where you've misplaced them. However, if you have your keys but the locks aren't working, simply picking those locks may not be the right solution. Note why an emergency locksmith might not just open your locks and what services they may perform or suggest instead, especially when you have your keys but the locks aren't working as they should.

The door frame is warped

When you try to unlock a door but the deadbolt seems jammed, this may not be a problem with the lock itself. A locksmith may use special tools to force the deadbolt open but then may actually check the level and structure of the doorway. If the door frame is warped or is hanging loosely to one side or has slid up or down the frame of the house, this can cause the deadbolt to get jammed into its opening. A locksmith may be able to plane the door frame down a bit or tighten a connector to ensure the pieces of the lock are lined up, and he or she may also do the same for the face plate holding the lock in the door or the slot for the deadbolt to ensure these are not in the way of the lock.

The lock just needs cleaning

Excessive amounts of dust, dirt other debris in the lock can cause it to jam; a locksmith might spray the lock, deadbolt and other pieces with some industrial lubricant, and this may get the lock working again. However, if there is excessive rust in the lock that is causing it to jam, it may then need to be changed altogether as lubricants or simple spray cleansers usually can't remove this type of built-up corrosion.

A pin is jammed or broken

Many locks work with a series of pins; the notches on your keys line up with the pattern of how those pins are aligned to move them out of the way so that the lock opens. If one of these pins is broken or jammed, your key won't move them and the lock won't open. A locksmith may not need to replace the lock but can replace that one pin or just fix it if it's jammed or obstructed. This may cost less than having entirely new locks installed and will also mean not needing to get new keys for your locks.

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