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4 Factors to Consider Before Installing Your New Split AC System

Proper installation of a split system air conditioner is critical for efficient cooling as well as maintenance of the system. It is not enough to have the wires and pipes connected according to the manufacturer's manual. If you want to enjoy the useful life of a split system AC unit, certain factors that indirectly affect its proper functioning must be put into consideration. In case you are going to do the installation by yourself, then you will find this article useful. It outlines a couple of things you must consider before you start the installation process.

Wall Strength -- One unique characteristic of a split system AC is that is consists of two units, an indoor unit and an external one. Each unit has its own weight, and the aggregate can be significant. Therefore, it is imperative to determine the strength of the wall onto which you plan to mount your AC system. Ideally, the wall should be strong enough to hold the two units during their entire useful life. If you mount it on a weak wall, you might suffer double a loss, that is, your wall and the two AC units.

Tilt Indoor Unit -- Split AC systems have a drain pipe through which condensed water drains. If the indoor unit is mounted in an upright angle, condensed water will not drain out with ease, thereby causing maintenance issues in the end. As such, when fixing the hanging bracket, ensure that you do it in a way that assumes a tilted angle. Once you have an angled indoor unit, condensed water will drain out with ease, thereby guaranteeing you an optimum cooling performance.

Positioning of Outdoor Unit -- The main work of the outdoor unit of a split system AC is to dissipate heat generated by the indoor unit. Therefore, the last thing you want to do is position it an area that is exposed to direct sunlight and heat. Choose a location on the outside wall that is under a shade most of the times. This will protect delicate parts of your AC unit from overheating.

Distance Between the Two Units -- Air that is sucked in by the split system AC passes through a system of pipes containing a coolant through which it is cooled. As such, optimal air cooling is only possible if the distance traveled by the coolant is made as short as possible. For that reason, make sure that you minimize the distance between the units. As a rule, this distance should be less than 15 meters.