Using a Contractor to Improve Your Home

Get Glass Splashbacks to Make Your Cleaning Much Easier

Glass splashbacks are essential when you want to do some home renovation for surfaces that are frequently wet. The areas that require glass splashbacks include your kitchen, laundry surfaces, benchtops, showers as well as other areas in your bathroom that normally get wet after use. By using the glass finishing, you have a surface that is rather easy to clean; at the same time, it offers a sleek finish to that area in your house. You can use some colourful glass splashback finish that will give a sleek look you want and match with the ambiance of the rest of the house. Here are some of the technical specifications you need when getting your ideal glass splashbacks.  

Technical specs for glass splashbacks

  • They are available in satin or high gloss colours and mirror finishes as well as printed finishes
  • They have a 6mm toughened safety material
  • If you need a fire resistant backing, it will be installed for you
  • It is measured by enlisting high tech laser machinery
  • The maximum size for a panel is 4.9metres
  • The warranty for glass splashbacks is 10 years minimum

Kitchen splashback

You do need a clean kitchen, and a kitchen needs to be highly hygienic as that is where you make the food you eat. You want to ensure it is clean; nonetheless, you also want the cleaning process to be easy. To make this possible, you need surfaces in your kitchen that are not messy when getting rid of dirt. A glass splashback for your kitchen is the best way forward.

You can place it on the top of the kitchen counter, as well as the surfaces around the cooker. By so doing, you know that you will not have to break a sweat when you need the surfaces clean before making your next snack or meal.

Surface preparation of kitchen splashback

Once you have asked for a quotation to begin the glass splashback project for your kitchen, you need to ensure that all surfaces are smooth, clean, and ready for the glass installation. Eliminate any imperfections or sharp edges where you want the glass installed. In addition, do all this preparation in accordance with the Australian building standards. These guidelines are available at your local council, which you can consult before any renovation you attempt on your house.

When you are using glass splashbacks for your kitchen, you know you heat the surfaces in your kitchen as you cook. As such, ensure you get a quotation for heat resistant glass to ensure your renovations will last you at least a decade.

Once you are through with the renovation, you are assured of a safe kitchen where you can make your family meals and clean up afterwards with very little effort. Get a quotation today for your ideal glass splashback kitchen finish.