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Important Elements to Consider before Purchasing Server Racks

If you are planning to upgrade your commercial data centre, you should consider installing new server racks. These are essential components designed to support the pertinent computer equipment. Moreover, cabinet racks will provide protection against accidental impact and subsequent damage. In general, the server racks in the market can appear similar when assessed visually. However, the quality of the products can vary widely, and your choice will determine the longevity and performance after installation. Therefore, consider these important elements before purchasing a suitable server rack.

Construction Material

Server racks are manufactured using steel because the metal can support heavy equipment and is extremely durable. Moreover, this can withstand adverse conditions and will not sustain mechanical damage easily. On the other hand, you should note that steel has numerous variants, and that means that the quality of the rack can vary widely. Therefore, you should make extensive inquiries about the material used in rack construction before purchase. Ideally, you should ensure that the panels are considerably thick such that they will not sustain distortion. The surface of the steel should be coated because the metal is vulnerable to corrosion. For example, a powder-coat finish will provide protection and enhance the appearance of the metal.

Closed or Open Design

You should think about the design of the server rack in relation to your special requirements. In general, there are closed and open server racks to consider for your new data centre setup. Open racks are advantageous because you can optimise the cooling of the computer equipment, reducing your total energy expenses. In addition, these structures are easy to set up, and they allow convenient access to the wiring. The enclosed racks provide extra protection for the delicate equipment. They are particularly ideal if the environment in which you will place the item is harsh. Also, this design is more secure against potential vandals and burglars. Unfortunately, the cost of cooling can be high because the air circulation must be forced for optimal equipment temperature.

Special Performance Features

When purchasing new server racks, you should evaluate the specific requirements for your situation. There are numerous products designed to match some common but unique needs. If you do not have a data centre, you can choose a portable rack that is designed for installation beneath an office desk. This type of rack might have wheels for easy transportation. For convenient setup, you should also look for a rack with wall-mount holes. Additionally, consider the cable-management solutions available for the new rack.